Send A Gift

Choose one of the options below and click “donate” to send a gift to a wounded IDF solider:

carepackage2Care Package:

Send a care package to a wounded soldier in the hospital or rehab center. Includes: a “Thank You for your Service” card, t-shirt, chocolates, and candy.


Give a wounded IDF soldier and his/her family a night to dine-out and relax.

IMG-20140831-WA0009Disability Construction Advisor:

Many wounded IDF soldiers require adjustments to their home to accommodate their injuries.

“With the great help of your donation, we managed to create an accessible environment including a bedroom, a toilet and a shower.” Ron H.

laptopLaptop or Tablet: $1,000

Send a laptop or tablet to a wounded IDF soldier to use while at the hospital or for school.

“The laptop will assist me greatly while I’m in rehab, and will give me the ability to start my studies. After that I hope it will serve me well in the university and even beyond that.” – Ran H.

cellphoneCellphone: $1,000

Give a wounded IDF soldier a new smartphone so that he/she can keep in touch with family and friends during their long stay in a hospital or rehab center.

dror-logoHumanitarian Aid/Rent:

When a soldier is wounded, the family often has to take time off from work, which can become financially stressful. Help a family of a wounded IDF soldier with 1 month of rent.

tuitionTuition: $1,800

Help a wounded IDF soldier with one semester of tuition, and give them the gift of an education that will dramatically change their life.