Wounded Soldier Rights and Recommended Assistance:

Portal of information for wounded soldiers:

These portals provides information on the following needs: Medical advice, legal advice, advice about insurance, acquiring a car that suits medical needs, information on rights, different medical services, tax rights, transport rights, rights of family members, information about higher education, & various discounts.




Soldiers rights when injured:

This site provides information on: being admitted into hospital- calling an ambulance, and discounts on hospital parking


The law about being wounded during service:


Wounded soldier services:

This service includes: The law about being wounded during service, how to become recognized as wounded by MOD, how to obtain your correct percentage level, wounded soldiers rights depending on their percentage level.


Rehab centers:

Tel Hashomer-Sheba, Ramat Gan- http://shikum.sheba.co.il contact information: https://www.sheba.co.il/צור_קשר

Beit Levenstein, 278 Ahuza, Raanana- http://hospitals.clalit.co.il/hospitals/Loewenstein/he-IL/Pages/HomePage.aspx

Beit Halochem, located in every major city- http://www.inz.org.il/index1.asp?cat=54

Alternative treatments:

This service provides information of various alternative therapies that can help a wounded soldier through their rehabilitation. Services include, art, music, or drama therapies amongst other things. There is a directory of therapists to choose from located in different areas of the country.