Dror For The Wounded



CHAI – Medical Assistance

PROVIDING MEDICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE TO WOUNDED IDF VETERANS Assisting severely wounded soldiers with extra medical care and equipment. This includes areas of mental and physical health. Average costs to assist a wounded Israeli soldiers in this area run from $2,000 – $20,000.

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ADVOCACY – Legal Guidance

PROVIDING LEGAL GUIDANCE TO WOUNDED IDF SOLDIERS Assisting our soldiers with access to legal services Provides soldiers with boots on the ground representation in order to receive proper recognition and compensation from the Ministry of Defense Average legal fees are $5,000 per a wounded IDF veteran

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EMPOWERMENT – Education & Job Training

PROVIDING EDUCATION & JOB TRAINING FOR WOUNDED IDF VETERANS Financial assistance and guidance for wounded veterans in areas of education and job training. Providing these brave individuals with the tools to become financially independent. Average cost of tuition is about $4,000. With your help our wounded soldiers are given the tools to succeed.

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SOLDIER RIDE – Hand Bike Project

Hand Bike Project in Netanya serving 7 paraplegic IDF veterans in the Netanya area. INITIAL COSTS: $40,000 For 7 Hand Bikes, equipment, and initial insurance FUTURE COSTS: $20,000/year Covers coaching, bike storage, insurance, and maintenance $7,000/Additional Bike

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