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JumpStart - Career workshop for wounded IDF veterans

Career Workshop for Wounded IDF Veterans

JUMPSTART takes a group of eight wounded IDF veterans through a series of motivational exercises, simulations, and events aimed at helping them identify a realistic career path which meshes with their talents, skills and aspirations. The workshop is facilitated by experts and is designed to deliver the motivational JUMPSTART our veterans need for their rehabilitation.


JUMPSTART was developed by corporate psychologists and is the first career development workshop for IDF wounded veterans. JUMPSTART’S curriculum draws upon research from the fields of management and organizational psychology.


 JUMPSTART kicks off with an evening of team building (“gibush”), whose details are kept secret from the participants in an effort to enhance their learning experience.

The first segment of JUMPSTART begins with the participants engaging in exercises to help them better understand their personality, leadership, and preferred work styles, resulting in a heightened sense of self-awareness.

In the second phase of JUMPSTART, participants focus on organizational dynamics, differing corporate cultures, and the variety of work possibilities in the marketplace. This segment includes company visits to expose them to possibilities that could potentially suit their personalities and work style preferences.

The final phase of JUMPSTART has participants sharing feedback with one another so that each may identify a career path that best matches their talents and aspirations. The workshop facilitators then select mentors in the industries or specific career domains that the participants have chosen. These mentors will actively support the participants and encourage their progress beyond the program.


team building and career workshop

Our wounded IDF veterans have much to contribute to society but are in need of sound occupational rehabilitation to get there. To aid with this critical transition, DROR FOR THE WOUNDED is committed to delivering programs such as JUMPSTART to ensure their rehabilitation is a success and their quality of life is improved.