Dror For The Wounded

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Our volunteers and Soldier Advocate are constantly visiting soldiers in rehab centers and hospitals around Israel.

Send a care package to a wounded IDF soldier.

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Mission Statement

The Dror for the Wounded Foundation (DFW) provides financial assistance to severely wounded veterans of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). This assistance serves as aid above and beyond that provided by the Ministry of Defense (MOD). DFW provides assistance in the areas of advocacy, evaluation, medical and psychological treatment, education and training, and general financial aid. DFW does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, religion or creed. Dror for the Wounded is a network of dedicated men and women of all nationalities. The organization places the utmost importance on transparency, credibility and accountability.

Want to help wounded IDF soldiers? Find ways to get involved or donate to help our wounded IDF veterans lead full and independent lives.


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